Been too long…

Folks we’re all still alive and will be creating fresh content, especially as the tradeshow season is now underway with Eurobike in Germany just wrapping up. Tradeshows are a prime source of marketing and this year’s should be interesting with all of the doping scandals that have plagued the sport this year. How many companies are going to distance themselves from their former stars? How many fallen heroes will venture to Las Vegas to meet the public and the press? Lots of good questions there. I know that I am one person who will be anxiously waiting to see what fallout, if any, there is to all of the bad news to come out of this summer’s racing. Will the industry finally find a way to romance recreational or utilitarian cycling? Will our pursuit of racing heroes diminish as we try to find a way to keep selling bikes? Hmm… good questions.

Not that this has anything specifically to do with cyclilng, but it is marketing. Paul at Hee-Haw Marketing has a great post with a great video that is very compelling- you really can’t stop watching it. On top of it, Paul has a great commentary that is spot-on. I won’t give it away here because I want you to go visit Paul. He tells it all better than I do anyway.

So, I know this is a short post that is somewhat “light”, but things are out of control as the show season is upon us and I am still unearthing from the two weeks of vacation. More meaningful content will be coming soon… I promise.

Again, thank you to all the readers who continue to come here looking for new posts or re-reading older posts. It is truly flattering that so many of you still wander over to see what is happening in this dusty little corner of the blogosphere.

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser


  1. Paul McEnany

    Hey, Tim. I just wanted to give you a quick thanks for the pointer. I would have done so sooner, but apparently I’ve gotten into the habit of thinking I’ve done things I haven’t. šŸ™‚

  2. Dave Thompson

    That’s cool. I wonder if he ever thought he would get the reconition he has. I also wonder if the technology was ther six years ago to put it all toghter too HmmmmmmI was thinking about doing that too but I could not figure how to mount it to my bikeDT

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